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evelyn's bio

Evelyn David has a split personality and an incredible number of out-of-body experiences. Or maybe she's just able to teleport from the East Coast to the middle of the country in the blink of an instant message. For the last thirty years Evelyn's used her biology degree to reclaim the coal mines of Oklahoma. Or for the last thirty years, Evelyn's used her political science degree to write nonfiction books on parenting and education topics...and quite frankly wouldn't know a coal mine if she fell down the shaft. But one thing is true about these dual personalities - they've both had the same dream: to write a mystery that's a roller coaster of a ride, filled with humor, danger, romance, and a nail-biting ending that will leave you breathless. In March 2007, the first edition of Murder Off the Books was published by Echelon Press. In May 2010, the sequel, Murder Takes the Cake was published. Recently 3rd editions of both books were published and are available in both e-book and trade paperback editions.

In the years since Evelyn David wrote Murder Off the Books, the authors joined the e-book revolution and published the Brianna Sullivan Mysteries e-book series featuring a reluctant psychic stuck in the small fictional town of Lottawatah, Oklahoma.

Recently Evelyn David published a traditional mystery - Zoned for Murder in both e-book and trade paperback format. The mystery is a little darker than the Sullivan Investigations Mystery series, but still contains Evelyn's trademark humor.

As for that teleporting stuff? It may show up in a sequel, but in the meantime, please meet the two halves of Evelyn David. Marian Edelman Borden is the Northern half of the mystery-writing duo. She lives in New York, has written eight nonfiction books, edits a magazine for new moms, has four kids, and an imagination that turned deadly when she met Rhonda Dossett, the Southern half of Evelyn David. Rhonda lives in Oklahoma, is the coal program director for the state, and sees dead bodies - or at least can envision them in mysterious and often hilarious scenarios.

The murderous twosome wrote the entire manuscript of Murder Off the Books via the Internet (see above for teleporting abilities). Until they finished the first draft, they'd never spoken on the phone in the vain hope that it would bring the good karma they needed to sell their first short story. One Sunday morning, daring to challenge the good karma theory, and frankly tired of typing instant messages, the Northern Half picked up the phone and dialed the Southern Half's home number. Lightning didn't strike that day - but the very next morning, a contract arrived in the mail announcing that Woman's World had purchased their first story, Pipe Dreams. To date, they've yet to meet face-to-face - saving that for either their first teleporting experience or in the hope that the first meeting will be immediately followed by selling the movie rights to one of our mysteries!