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Thanks so much for dropping by. Please check out our newest mystery - The Bride of Lottawatah. It's available in both e-book and trade paperback formats at Amazon. It's also available in e-book format at and Smashwords.

Stand-alone mysteries, Zoned for Murder and Mind Over Murder, are available as both e-books and trade paperbacks. Zoned for Murder was released as an audiobook in May 2015

Short stories - Riley Come Home and Moonlighting at the Mall are available in e-book formats at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords. These short stories feature the characters from Murder Off the Books, Murder Takes the Cake, and Murder Doubles Back.

In October of 2010 we launched the Brianna Sullivan Mysteries e-book series featuring a reluctant psychic stuck in Lottawatah, a small Oklahoma town. So far we've published 13 volumes - I Try Not to Drive Past Cemeteries, The Dog Days of Summer in Lottawatah, The Holiday Spirit(s) of Lottawatah, Undying Love in Lottawatah, A Haunting in Lottawatah, Lottawatah Twister, Missing in Lottawatah, Good Grief in Lottawatah, Summer Lightning in Lottawatah, Lottawatah Fireworks, , Lottawatah Repossessed, and in May of 2015, The Bride of Lottawatah. The Brianna Sullivan Mysteries have also been published as collected works in trade paperback format. Audiobook versions are being added monthly through Amazon/Audible and iTunes.

If you like fast, fun, "whodunnit" mysteries, you've come to the right place.


Evelyn David


The Bride of Lottawatah

Here comes the bride…unless murder, explosions, and incredibly bad hair days stop Brianna Sullivan from walking down the aisle.

In The Bride of Lottawatah, the thirteenth volume of the Brianna Sullivan Mysteries series, all of Lottawatah eagerly anticipates the nuptials of reluctant psychic Brianna Sullivan and her hunky Police Chief fiancé Cooper Jackson. But the week before the couple can say their "I do's," the local Senior Center becomes embroiled in an illegal drug scandal and a series of mysterious deaths strike the small Oklahoma town. Despite her best efforts to stay out of the investigation, Brianna finds herself juggling wedding planning, spending quality time with her mother, and following a trail of convoluted clues to find who is behind the deadly scheme.

Join the festivities and the intrigue as Brianna and Leon, her adorable bulldog with the wonky digestive tract, try to figure out whodunnit in time for the wedding of the year.

Trade Paperback



Review - Murder Doubles Back
By L. Rigod
May 4, 2013

Not only does 'Murder Doubles Back' but so do cold cases as Private Investigator, Mackenzie Sullivan and his Irish Wolfhound partner find out.

For some unknown reason Mac keeps receiving annual postcards regarding a missing person's case from a decade earlier. The case remains unsolved and Mac has always regretted it. Who is trying to keep the case alive and why? After all, a decade makes it likely the missing person is dead by now, and since it was a child...?

Mac soon learns that he isn't aware of the background of the ones he has grown a family of...JJ, his assistant, Edgar, the senior citizen, Rachel, his steady girlfriend (have they gone on a date yet???), Jeff, funeral parlor owner and best friend, even fellow police officers...are they whom they seem to be? No.

This book keeps you in suspense throughout the entire novel. Murders, kidnappings, stolen pirate treasure, identity theft, car chases, stake-outs and cookies...what more can you ask of this gripping novel?

A true murder mystery, this book has me eagerly awaiting the next installment. Luckily for all of us, you can purchase this Title and others in the series by Print, ebooks, etc. Do read the series in order as the characters develop greatly and their backgrounds are vital. It is a great stand alone, but, I did enjoy it more 'knowing' the main persons involved.